Monday, September 7, 2015

Zalando Haul

I have managed to create an addiction to Zalando, the online shop where you can find everything between heaven and earth. Well, not everything, but at least everything that has something to do with shoes, bags, clothes etc. I have recently spent way too much time on the site drooling over the colorful sneakers, trendy backpacks and gorgeous heels. Thanks to the ads that are literally everywhere, I ended up buying a few things that are listed below. Loving the sales, the free shipping and the discount codes! 

The site is actually so addictive that I almost bought Topshop's mom jeans while writing this, but (un)fortunately someone was faster than me this time. Now I know why the man in the Zalando ad was loosing his mind...

Nike, Roshe One BR - 59,95€ (99,95€)

Spiral, Hampton - 39,95€

Vagabond, Dioon - 39,95€ (79,95,€)

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