Monday, November 3, 2014

October Favorites

1. I just loooove these light acid jeggings I bought from Bershka in Amsterdam. They add such a pop to any outfit! If I feel like chilling I can pair them with sneakers and sweater or if it's a party time, they will look gorgeous with a peplmun top and some heels.

2. To buy or not to buy was my question about Tangle Teezers for a long, but then I stumbled across an offer I couldn't resist: in the I Love Me fair they were selling them in the wonderful price of five euros! Now I can't think of a day without it!

3. A pair of white low-rise Converse is something that everyone should have in their closet. These classic shoes have saved many of my "bad outfit days" lately. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing clothes with them. They are at their best at the dance floor, when you can actually move your feet, not just stand there in pain (heels...).

4. This black envelope clutch has been the best choice for the school party nights we have had. It's simple and classic and goes for any event if mixed right.

5. To brighten up the dark days, I have been using the Passion Struck Body Mist by Victoria's Secret. The fruity scent of it brings a smile on my face instantly and I can almost feel the summer sun on my skin. Lovely.

6. Lumene Touch of Radiance Highlighter has also helped me with the fight against the darkness. Nothing makes the dark circles from the sleepless nights disappear better than it. I definitely recommend this Finnish product to you guys! It has arctic cloud berry in it, imagine! Buy, buy, buy.

7. My favorite lipstick color of the month is "Dangerous Diva" by BYS. It's quite dark red spiced up with some copper. Such an Autumn color. On my nails, I preferred the matte blue polish highlighted with silver glitter.

8. They say you know it when you find it, true love, I mean. Well, they were right. The moment I slipped this black pencil skirt on, my heart did cartwheels, my eyes were filled with fireworks, and there were pink hearts everywhere. It fitted so well, it could have been my second skin! Pure love. 


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