Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy Birthday to You, My Dear Blog

729 days, 23 hours, 29 minutes and 36 seconds. This long it has been since I posted my first post two years ago. Two years. Feels like it was just yesterday. 
This journey has been amazing and I just want to thank you all.

I have had lots of fun while doing posts for you people. These brilliant pictures from the past year might show you how fun I have actually had. I hope they'll make your day ;)

Once again, thank you. 

P.S. What you think about the new look? Leave comments below :)

P.P.S. My computer almost caught fire while I was writing this so if I'm out for couple weeks, it's because it needs some fixing... 


  1. I LOVE THE REDESIGN!!! Your blog looks so chic. Absolutely love it! Congrats on your milestone :)

  2. Beautiful pics! Congratulations! gorgeous outfits btw