Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Man Crush: Adam Gallagher

The founder of the oh-so-popular blog I AM GALLA. The king of The winner of the Best Men's Fashion Blog 2014 award. A person I think highly of.

Adam Gallagher is all of the above and a whole lot more. This California kid has stolen my heart with his perfect choice of outfits, outstanding photographs and that face, like a Greek god. He is my favorite men's fashion blogger and I can easily spend hours admiring his breathtaking Instagram photos. This man buys flowers, just because he can. Appreciation earned.

I can't even find the right words to describe his style, it's so incredible. I have always liked classic and a little preppy styles when it comes to menswear, and Adam definitely has made both of them look like his own. Cardigans, shirts, coats with classical cuts and spiced up with detailed accessories. If the mix of suits and sunglasses were made for someone, that someone was Adam. They are the keys to his style. I love the way he opens up every look in his blog, it makes them all much more than just an ensemble of clothes.

The first time I fall into his mystic eyes, was when I hit the sign in button on He was my first Lookbook idol and later, one of the reasons why I ever started blogging. There were times when I couldn't imagine a day without that inspiring feeling he gave me, and I still need my specific dose of Galla to survive trough the week!

What a blog. What a style, What a man. My heart can't stop craving for more!

IG: iamgalla

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  1. jeez why haven't I seen him before haha :-)
    Loved your post

  2. So many of my iPhone backgrounds have been off him, I was obsessed with his IG! He's SO perfect <3
    Beyond Bally

  3. Found him on instagram a while ago love his amazing style