Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Love Me Fair

It's that time of the year again when thousands of women (and men) gather together to find, share and create inspiration. 

This was my third time in "I Love Me" fair, and the event still surprises me with its wide-ranging offering. With the same ticket, you get to experience five fairs:  Health, Beauty, Fashion, Naturally, Jewel & Watch. This time I only had the time to go trough the Fashion and Beauty sections but I found more than I could have wished.

One thing that attracts me to the event year after year, is the fashion shows. There isn't too many places in Finland where you can immerse yourself in the perfect world of catwalks, so if I a have the change, I'll take it in a heart beat. And like always, I Love Fashion show didn't leave me cold with it's amazing visual show and inspiring looks.

In addition, to the I Love Fashion show, there were inspiration in everywhere I went; Candy shaped necklaces, hundreds of bags, gel nails, widgets to help you take selfies (not even kidding), makeovers and more fashion shows (noup, there's no such a thing as "too much fashion shows"). 

(Never ask a stranger to take a photo of you. You probably end up smiling due to the poor camera skills of hers and looking like an idiot. I mean, gorgeous. Just gorgeous.)

What comes to the free samples, I succeeded to get quite many foundation testers since they just stuffed them into my hands every time I walked pass, and of course I picked up the Oriflame's mascara that I yearly do... But I also used some actually money to fill up my beauty stock with nail polishes, lipsticks and Tangle Teezer (finally...). And to keep the inspiration floating, I subscribe to a fashion magazine. I've been missing that fun for a while.

If you are a Northern European or just passing through at next autumn, I recommend you to stop by. Definitely the fair of the year.