Thursday, September 4, 2014

The streets of Amsterdam

Hello world,

Okay, last few months have been soooo crazy and that's why I haven't posted anything in here lately. Lots has happened: I visited Amsterdam, started a new job in a local clothing store, played a role of a fairy in a summer theatre play, got into a acting school and due to that moved for the first time in my life. I would love to share ALL of them with you, but this time you will only get to see some parts of my Amsterdam trip, which were amazing, though. I actually, wrote some of this post a month ago but couldn't finished it up thanks to all the hassle, so for example some of the trends I spotted are probably last season to most of you but hopefully at least someone will find this helpful because I really want to share my discovers with you.

Amsterdam. There aren't enough words to describe how beautiful city it is. We (my mom and I) spent several hours just walking around and admiring all the stunning streets, romantic canals and lush green parks. I fell in love especially with the architecture, the houses were so cute and old! As always, when I travel, I felt a great urge to move there because everything seemed to be perfect: people were so nice and beautiful, food was amazing and the views were breathtaking. Gosh, how much I want to go back there, what a great city!

When it comes to the street fashion, I tried to caught wind of the most popular trends from the street view and what I learnt was that there were quite many of the common trends going on such as crop tops, skater skirts and Nike shoes (They were literally everywhere! Air Max, Free Run, Lunarglide - you name it) but there were also couple new-ish things there, that I hadn't had spotted in Finland yet, at least not in so wide number: My own favorite were platform sneakers! Even though at first they only reminded me of the ridiculous decade of the 90's, I ended up to buy one pair for myself, which has a Mickey Mouse pattern on them. Cuteness overload.
 Another one that caught my eye were mirrored sunglasses with colorful lenses. I tried to look for a pair of totally round ones with a silver frame but I only found this pink slightly round pair with blue lenses, but they will do the job, I guess.
 Third trend that were easily spotted were loose pants with colorful patterns. I also tried this one out, but I looked like a little hippie kid in them, so I crossed it out from my shopping list.
 The only beauty trends that turned up repeatedly were cobalt blue nails and naturally curly hair. I'm not sure if the latter is a Dutch thing or what but I liked it quite much, women were so beautiful and fresh in there.
 The most popular accessories were definitely bicycles! They were also one of the things that made me fall in love with the city even more. It was so beautiful that there were only few cars and everybody were riding bikes even if they were suited-up or if they had three kids, they just stuffed them into a weird box system that they had built into their bikes. I have never seen so many different shaped bikes, oh, some of them were so creative!

The best part of the trip was of course our shopping trip that lasted eight hours and included two kilometers of different sorts of stores. My favorite founding was this little black skirt from Forever21, it has a really beautiful pattern on it and it's very mixable! Forever21 had definitely the best selection of clothes since it had three floors full of crowded clothing racks. Of course I saved it for the last and didn't have enough energy to go through all of those heavenly clothes... The best makeup store for me was Hema's makeup store which had extremely affordable prices and a large selection. I picked up couple of cute lipsticks and nail polishes. I also managed to find two pairs of suitable jeans from Bershka and F21 which is a miracle because the sizes always seems to be too long for me. After the succeeded shopping trip, we rewarded ourselves with some bubblegum ice cream. I have never tasted anything so weird but delicious!

All in all, the trip was amazing, although four days weren't enough, but I bet that I will see those beautiful streets again one day! -SV


  1. Wow, very beautiful city indeed. You look so happy and well. Love all your outfits!

  2. I recently went to Amsterdam and loved it! Your second picture is almost exactly the same as one that I took!! H xx

  3. Such beautiful photos! My brother went interrailing around Europe for a few weeks in July and he said his favourite part of the trip was riding bikes around Amsterdam! I totally agree too - whenever I go travelling I want to move there! I love your style too :) x

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