Tuesday, September 30, 2014


A little nautical look this time, the sea in our backyard may have inspired me. The denim jacket got a nautical feeling by adding a white sweater and patent leather combat boots. In make up, I went for a Fall-ish look: I used the tones of copper and violet on my eyelids and for lips I chose wild red.

Leggings & sunnies- H&M
Jacket - second hand store
Sweater - Pimkie
Boots - Seppälä


Sunday, September 28, 2014


Here's a little sneak peek of my instagram account :)
If you fancy seeing more outfits & shopping etc, you can find me at @sennav ! 


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Moschino Spring Summer 2015 RTW

As soon as I heard about it, I loved it: Moschino's Barbie inspired spring/summer 2015 collection! 

The catwalk was full of real-life Barbie dolls with their spectacular outfits and there was no doubt what the key words were: the amount of plastic and bubble-gum pink was dizzying. Plastic earrings, bags, belts... and where there weren't plastic, there were patent leather! In addition to the one of the top fashion colors of the fall/winter season, "Barbie" pink, the show had plenty of baby blue, light yellow and of course a bit of gold and glitter here and there. The models were totally Barbie lookalikes with their long legs and platinum blonde hair. My favorite was the one that roller skated trough the catwalk!

Accessories were all exaggerated: Earrings and chain necklaces were huge, bags were everything from a pink carry-on luggage to a see-through purse and there were even dumbbells (pink, obviously) to spice up the mood. And what would Barbie be without her baby pink lips?

The fashion show closed with the over-the-top cocktail and evening gowns, which had 80's beat on them: bright colors, tons of volume and fancy details. Some of them had giant sequins on them! 

MTV discovered that the looks didn't just look like real Barbies, some of them were actually based on Barbie dolls they had found on eBay. In fact, Mochino created it's own Barbie, which was a mini-sized copy of the opening look!

The eye pleasing fashion show definitely earned it place on my top 5 list of high fashion shows! Here comes the most hair-raising looks:

ps. Don't forget to check out the full collection from here!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Autumn Haul

Even though it has been quite warm taking into account the time of the year, I have already upgraded my beanie collection. I bought these two HUF's creations from the store I'm working in, Beamhill. I couldn't make up my mind which one is more perfect so I took them both. I'm so loving the color mixtures that trick the eyes: The "grey" one is actually black and white & the "purple" one is made of red and blue yarns!

I managed to lose two of my favorite scarfs while moving out, so I had to find new scarf asap when the autumn wind started to blow freezingly. Luckily, I spotted this wine red scarf on H&M's rack and fell in love with it right away. It's in the best color for this autumn and it's enough long to warm up on the coldest days. One of my favorites right now! 

I have drooled over Chelsea boots for ages and now I finally have them in my closet! I found this pair from H&M (again..) and it was the last one of them AND it was on sale! I couldn't resist buying them even though they were one size too big for me, but hey, there's enough space for wool socks then, right?

Maybe I should have named this post "H&M Haul" since this pair is from there too... Can't stop loving the best, can you...? Anyways, these two have my name written all over them so there was no way I could have left them in the store. I mean, these may be the most beautiful and coolest shoes I have ever had. The model, the patent leather, the plastic sole. Everything. Just perfect.

You can take a guess where did I find this beautiful backpack... It's my first since primary school, but I had the feeling that it's time to test something new. It has been great so far, I had forgotten how practical backpacks are. The best thing about it is the color that matches perfectly with the scarf above!