Sunday, February 16, 2014

Elie Saab Spring 2014 Couture

When it comes to catwalk fashion, I really adore designers whose collections are full of red-carpet dresses that take your breath away. Elie Saab definitely stole a place on my favorite list with his Spring 2014 Couture show.

The collection painted a beautiful picture to the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week. According to the designer, the collection's pastel color palette was inspired by the Dutch artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema whose paintings often included glamorous women wearing antique dresses. In addition to the floral tones, Alma-Tadema's influence can be seen in the classical cuts such as empire lines.

The fairytale feeling of this collection steals my heart. The enchanting gowns with layered silk chiffon and the colorful blooms make every model look like a fairy queen. I especially fall for the dresses with ombre from blush pink to vivid blue.

Here are my favorites, check out for the whole collection.



Monday, February 3, 2014

January Favourites

Hello world, hope you're listening.

Here are my favourites of the month. I'm sorry that there are so few of them, but I've been working so safety vest, shoes and working pants have been the things that I have used the most. I figured that they wouldn't inspire you too much so we have to cope with these ones.

1. Actually, you have already seen this crop top in my previous post but I just love it so much that I had to add it to my favourites too. It looks so good with skirts! Although, there is a risk of looking like priest if you wear it wrong...

2.  Okay, this little skirt is actually made for children, if you must know. BUT it was surrounded by totally identical women's skirts and it was cheaper so I had to buy it. You couldn't see the difference! However, I love it because it's so chill and goes well with sweaters.

3. This one was also in the findings that I posted but it looked so damn good on me that it definitely earned its place on my favourites. 

4. In the last favourites I said that it was quite warm in here. Well, I should have knock on wood because now it's freezing out there! Due to this, my knee-high boots have been in use for several times during the month. The best thing about them is that they look so good but they still keep my feet warm. Unfortunately, one of the heels broke so I had to take them to the cobbler. Hopefully, I'm gonna get my babies back soon.

5. I used H&M's blue glitter nail polish to do my winter nails couple weeks ago. The polish has big glitters which looked beautiful on the white base coat. I'm probably going to do a post about nails soon so stay tuned if you are interested!

6. Hot red lipstick always saves a bad face day, if you know what I mean. It definitely works wonders, especially after rough working day. 

7. I didn't remember that I have this black bag, which is covered with sequins, before I found it last week. It's incredible handy because it has the same ability that Hermione's handbag: it seems to be bottomless! There isn't a thing that wouldn't fit in.

8. I have had this sweater for ages but I haven't really used it until now. I like the way it is ok for work but still looks good at the evening. Simple but beautiful.