Friday, January 17, 2014

Look what I found!

Hello people,

To start with, I'm kind of known for my weird skill of finding products with good prices. It's like things just jump into my hands and I'm like "wow" and then I just buy them. Easy. Well, it seems like I still have it since I've been like "wow" several times during the starting year. Consequently, I want to show you what are my latest additions to my never ending collection of clothes and the trends I start my year with. 

New Yorker 5,95€
I first thought that this skirt could be too disco for me but then I noticed that the back of it is plain black. It definitely balances the disco feeling and makes it look great, not too bling bling.

 Bershka 12,95€
I found this classic shirt when I was on a day trip in Estonia. We didn't have too much time so I just grabbed something and fortunately it was this beauty.

 Bik Bok 7,95€
I had been looking for this kind of top for age and finally found it couple weeks ago. Now I want summer to come even faster so I could wear this one.

 Vero Moda 10,00€
This is (again) quite hipsterious, but I love it in every way. The fabric is so beautiful and I really like the sleeves.

 Vero Moda 24,00€
I have this tradition (okay, it has happened two times, but hey who counts?) to buy new winter coat from the Christmas sales and I was lucky again on this year when I found this coat for so cheap price.

 Bik Bok 9,00
I saw this crop top as same time as the black one and didn't know which one to take so I bought both of them. It's a bit more glamorous than the black one.

 New Yorker 6,50€
I really love this skirt because it's so easy to accessorize for different events. It looks good on both school Mondays and party Fridays.

Ur&Penn 3,95€
This cutie caught my eye and I kept going back for it so I had to buy it. It's just so lovely!


  1. The first skirt is just adorable!

  2. These are great finds...I'm loving ALL the skirts and, man, I miss Europe and I miss Bershka...