Friday, January 31, 2014

Girl Crush: Rihanna

Now, I'm not sure when Rihanna became one of my role models, was it when people started say that I'm kind of her lookalike or when she kept going despite the hard times in here life. However, she still inspires me everyday.

I don't quite buy the lookalike thing since she's such a beauty queen and I'm totally something else... Ok, we may have the same kind of nose and sometimes our hairstyles match, I'll give you that. I think, her hair is exactly the thing that makes her so special in my eyes. I love it how she changes it like other people change clothes. I just wish I had the money and the creativity to do the same. My own favorite is the red waved hair of hers, it's just so wild and fabulous. Maybe one day, when people don't connect it to Rihanna anymore, I'll be brave enough to try it out. 

Another thing I like about Rihanna is her way of dressing. It's kind of boyish with all those snapbacks and sweaters but still as feminine as it gets. She makes every outfit so glamorous by adding some dashing golden jewelry to the ensemble. Further, not to be too boyish even by accident, she can be seen in quite revealing outfits from time to time which makes her style even more variable and unique in a way.

I also think highly of her musical career, even though I don't really listen to that kind of music anymore. But there was a time when I was somewhat her fan, so I still find her songs pretty danceable and they can definitely bring a lame party to the top. My favorite song of hers is "We Found Love", I especially like its music video because it inspires me more than anything. It's so yoloing and hipster, and it makes me feel so alive every time I watch it. And those starting words. I just love them so much that they make me shiver!

Here are my favorite pics of her, hopefully they'll inspire you.


"It's like you're screaming, and no one can hear
You almost feel ashamed
That someone could be that important
That without them, you feel like nothing
No one will ever understand how much it hurts
You feel hopeless; like nothing can save you
And when it's over, and it's gone
You almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back
So that you could have the good"

Senna Vodzogbe                                                                             photos:       

Friday, January 17, 2014

Look what I found!

Hello people,

To start with, I'm kind of known for my weird skill of finding products with good prices. It's like things just jump into my hands and I'm like "wow" and then I just buy them. Easy. Well, it seems like I still have it since I've been like "wow" several times during the starting year. Consequently, I want to show you what are my latest additions to my never ending collection of clothes and the trends I start my year with. 

New Yorker 5,95€
I first thought that this skirt could be too disco for me but then I noticed that the back of it is plain black. It definitely balances the disco feeling and makes it look great, not too bling bling.

 Bershka 12,95€
I found this classic shirt when I was on a day trip in Estonia. We didn't have too much time so I just grabbed something and fortunately it was this beauty.

 Bik Bok 7,95€
I had been looking for this kind of top for age and finally found it couple weeks ago. Now I want summer to come even faster so I could wear this one.

 Vero Moda 10,00€
This is (again) quite hipsterious, but I love it in every way. The fabric is so beautiful and I really like the sleeves.

 Vero Moda 24,00€
I have this tradition (okay, it has happened two times, but hey who counts?) to buy new winter coat from the Christmas sales and I was lucky again on this year when I found this coat for so cheap price.

 Bik Bok 9,00
I saw this crop top as same time as the black one and didn't know which one to take so I bought both of them. It's a bit more glamorous than the black one.

 New Yorker 6,50€
I really love this skirt because it's so easy to accessorize for different events. It looks good on both school Mondays and party Fridays.

Ur&Penn 3,95€
This cutie caught my eye and I kept going back for it so I had to buy it. It's just so lovely!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes 2014

Like I have said (have I?) that I love movies and everything that involves acting so it's easy to conclude that I have been waiting for Golden Globes like crazy. But that's not true. I don't know if the waiting for Oscar nominations to be revealed has blinded me or what has happened that I didn't have any clue of yesterday's Golden Globes. Since I didn't see the show, I had to look up from the internet to see who wore the best dresses. It seems like simple and cutouts were the words of the evening. Here are my five favorites:

Zooey Deschanel, Oscar de la Renta dress. 
The dress is so Zooey's style; playful and girlish. I love the pearl details on her heels and dress.

Kate Beckinsale, Zuhair Murad dress.
Do I need to even say how much I love this dress! Only the fact that it's Zuhair Murad's makes it amazing, The silver pattern looks gorgeous.

Amber Heard, Atelier Versace dress.
This dress needed two different photos because it's so stunning in every way. The slit cut is my favorite part of it.

Rachel Smith
Sadly, I didn't find the designer of this beautiful gown. The color is perfect for Rachel, it makes her so feminine.

Mila Kunis, Gucci Premiere
Mila always looks gorgeous but this dress makes her look even more perfect. The mix of silver and gray are just right for her.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moschino Pre-Fall 2014

On this boring Wednesday I had some time to go through couple of fashion sites and I found pictures of Moschino's Pre-Fall 2014 collection. Since the collection was released only yesterday and the looks were quite cool, I thought it would be nice to share my finding with you. Like I've said, I'm not really an expert when talking about fashion collections because I'm more of a streetstyle person and due to this, I have to admit that I don't have a clue what Moschino's trademark is or anything like that, so I'm not gonna even go to that area. I have only seen some accessories with the brand's name on Lookbook but the rest is mystery to me. But we are here to learn, right?

The first thing that caught my eye was the way the collection is very modern but still vintage. Actually, some of the outfits look like a modern version of Chanel's designs in my weird mind. I guess, the tweed jackets and the golden chain bags has something to do with that image. I love it how the materials that Mochino has used, makes those classics look so modern.

 Those XXXL-sized T-shirts that would go as dresses are the second thing that I adore in this collection. I really love clever texts on clothing and the "I didn't know what to wear today so I put on this designer T-shirt" text fits perfectly into that category. Another clever thing in the collection is those super weird bags. I kind of like them, I mean, you can't deny that the cow patterned backpack is the cutest thing ever, but there is something in them that is maybe too weird even for me.

However, here are my favourites of the Mochino's Pre-Fall 2014 collection:


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December Favourites

Yes, I know, I'm a bit late with this but here we go:

1. I found this beauty from second hand store and it cost just 2,50€! I bought it right away and I've been wearing it everyday since that.

2. This kind of shirt has been quite much in use since it goes so well with sweaters. A bit of hipsterious though, but don't we all just love it, right?

3. The winter has been surprisingly warm in here so this kind of crop top has end up into most of my outfits during December. It suits perfectly with skirts or high waisted jeans. Mine just has "LUX LUV" text on it.

4. H&M sells this type of pencil skirts in many different colors, and I'm proud to admit I have four of them. They are just so cheap (3€ on sales, 5€ normally), so simple but beautiful and they look great with almost every top I have. I especially love the fact that you can mix them with peplum tops, and it seems like you have dozen of different kind of dresses! Marvelous, I'd say.

5. My favorite shoes during December were a pair of gray boots that I bought a year ago. They just look so good with jeans! And frankly, they make me look taller...

6. You may wonder that I earlier said, it has been quite warm in here, so why am I having this Eskimo park in my favorite list. Well, don't forget that we're still talking about Finland. Even if the weather is warm, it rains a lot, so I have found the furry hood and the waterproof material quite useful.

7. Santa didn't fulfill my wish for a liquid eyeliner, so I bought it by myself. The best purchase ever!

8. Last summer I found the greatest perfume ever from H&M. Yeah, I know it's not Chanel or anything but it smells like heaven! But the thing was that I couldn't find another bottle of it. Well, when I went to Christmas shopping I ran into it again, and I bought two bottles even though the old one is still half full. And it's a 60 ml bottle!

9. Pink was the color of December, at least when it comes to lipsticks. I love the way it makes the whole make up look more glamorous!

10. The reason why there is a pile of red fairy dust in the picture, is that I used it for my New Year's nails. They looked gorgeous! I'll post a pic of them later.