Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Favourites

To continue fulfilling my promises, here's another new thing that I came up with: Favourites of the month! So, in the end of every month you'll get a glimpse of what I've been wearing during the past 30 days and I'll shed some light on why I have chosen those exact items to be my favourites of the month. I'm using this great thing called Polyvore to create these collages, just so you know. It's quite handy app (yes, you can use it on your phone too) and there's plenty of products from different brands in there, but unfortunately I have so hipsterious wardrobe that only couple of things in the picture are the very same that I was looking for. The rest are close enough, though.

1. Wine red scarf, which I bought from Glitter, has been part of my accessories for everyday since I got it. I guess it's due the color; I just love wine red right now.

2. This coat is supposed to portray a coat that I found from a second-hand store. It was fairly good find since it cost only 7€. The picture's coat isn't as laid-back as mine but the color is quite same, so it does the work.

3. Almost alway when I buy a new bag, I kind of throw the old bags to the darkest corner of my closet. This happened again, when I bought this blag bag with the metal corners from H&M last month. I love it because it goes with everything and makes a lousy outfit look so much better.

4. I lost my MicMac beanie during a wild night so I had to buy new one and I end up with this gray cutie from H&M. It has the same effect as the bag but it does not only save a bad outfit but also a bad hair, which is priceless for me during the humid autumn months.

5. November has been one of a sweater weather, so it's not surprising that a warm sweater is on my favourite list. I picked the navy blue one because the color pleases my eye the most.

6. Here's another awesome discovery from the second-hand store: Almost unused Converses in the price of six euros! They even were exactly my size and all! I have wanted to buy new Converses for a long, long time but never had the money. I feel so lucky!

7. Here's some makeup favourites: I have had lots of acting rehearsals lately and I don't want my makeup to be too heavy while practicing so I have used only mascara during them. However, I have invested in it quite a lot and I finally bought lash curler so (even though I say so myself) I look pretty good only with mascara on. Due to the rehearsals (and laziness) I have kept my makeup rather natural on my spare time too. I have used lots of different brown eyeshadows and some lip gloss but not too much of anything else. However, everytime when I have gone to anyplace where people can actually see me, I have added some red lipstick to not to look like a hobo. On nails I have prefered to use nude polish with some glitter on it.

8. I bought new glasses about a month ago and they were finally large enough to wear. I've been wanting big, hipsterious (gosh, I love that word) and nerdy glasses for ages and now that I have them I use them often than I should, since people don't seem to recognize me without them anymore.

9. The same thing goes with jewelry as with makeup; I haven't wore many. But when I have had, they all have been golden. And most of them have been different shaped rings.



  1. glad i found you , loving your vibe !
    your lucky in Dubai you rarely find secong hand gems :'(


    1. Thank you! This was the second time I found something cool in a second hand store so it doesn't happen too often in here either. Hopefully you'll find something soon :) xx

  2. I love your selection. Have you tried the Smocky palette by H&M? I wonder if it is a good or a bad one...