Monday, September 7, 2015

Zalando Haul

I have managed to create an addiction to Zalando, the online shop where you can find everything between heaven and earth. Well, not everything, but at least everything that has something to do with shoes, bags, clothes etc. I have recently spent way too much time on the site drooling over the colorful sneakers, trendy backpacks and gorgeous heels. Thanks to the ads that are literally everywhere, I ended up buying a few things that are listed below. Loving the sales, the free shipping and the discount codes! 

The site is actually so addictive that I almost bought Topshop's mom jeans while writing this, but (un)fortunately someone was faster than me this time. Now I know why the man in the Zalando ad was loosing his mind...

Nike, Roshe One BR - 59,95€ (99,95€)

Spiral, Hampton - 39,95€

Vagabond, Dioon - 39,95€ (79,95,€)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Flow Festival 2015

After two weeks of struggling with technical problems, I'm finally able to share you the best weekend of my summer: Flow Festival 2015. This was the first time I attended the festival and from the first second I new that it wouldn't be the last. The area looked amazing, the gigs were breathtaking and people were wearing incredibly cool outfits. This hipster paradise was full of Herschel backpacks and colorful prints mixed with accessories from lion heads to KitKat hats.
I loved everything, everyone and every moment of it.

Day 1

Outfit: I had no idea how people were going to dress up for the festival so I went for a pretty simple look. I had my HUF’s wolf (turn the word around and you know why) printed 5-panel on with my yellowish mirrored sunglasses. The basic top and denim shorts are both from H&M, surprise surprise! On my feet I had not-so-Vans shoes from Amsterdam which were absolutely perfect choice for the dusty festival ground.

Memorable moments: walking around at the area for the very first time, the voice of Lianne La Havas, shouting my friend's friend's name for their band, the first Happy Joe of the many, running around and dancing for CHIC, Major Lazer’s golden rain.

Day 2

Outfit: At the first day I was inspired by two guys with plastic visor caps and I had to get one for myself right away. I was lucky enough to find a pink one from Tiger, which was perfect for my "didn't know what to wear, so I wore everything" outfit. I was still wearing my "festival" shoes, this time with American Apparel knee-high socks.

Memorable moments: Hugging Shamir, shouting my hometown’s name for French Films, our “little” timetable full of amazing gigs, the energy of Belle & Sebastian’s show, helping two strangers to plan how to get in without ticket, running into people that I hadn’t seen for a while, the whole show of Years &Years, Pet Shop Boys’ outfits, chips and royal dip before going home. 

Day 3

Outfit: I was so in love with my visor cap that I felt like wearing it again. I mixed it with grey playsuit and Mickey Mouse shoes that had thick soles, both from H&M. On my back, I was wearing a little black backpack that was perfect for running, dancing and all the crazy stuff.

Memorable moments: Dancing like a crazy person for Kakkmaddafakka, hugging strangers, taking selfies with strangers, dancing with strangers, lovely voice of Beck, hearing Hunger of the Pine live, ATL-J, ALT-J, ALT-J, saying goodbye for the area, finding a Flow Crew card from the ground.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Favorites

I have always had a soft spot for Vagabond in my heart and this summer I finally bought a pair of their gladiator inspired Dioon sandals. They are far and away the best heels I have ever worn: the heel is so thick that they are extremely steady and comfy. You can easily stand on them for the whole day! I was thinking about the white ones but then I came to a conclusion that white always gets so dirty so fast that I chose the black ones instead. The seller (the devil himself) happened to say that if I buy four more pairs from them, I will get a discount on the last ones, so you can imagine how much I'm drooling over new ones right now...

I first saw this MAC lipstick on my friend's lips and soon as I saw it I knew I needed to get it. I have been looking for the perfect combination of red and orange for so long and finally, this matte lipstick met all the criteria. The shade is called Lady Danger and it is extremely long-lasting: you don't need to fix it at all during the day! I love to wear it for work everyday because it makes the whole makeup look so bright. This one is definitely a keeper!

 Last spring I decided that I'm finally going to buy the Nike shoes that I had been craving for years. I went through dozens of models and I ended up buying Air Max Thea in black/wolf grey/white. I love this model because it's so slim and looks good with everything: jeans, leggings, shorts, even skirts can be mixed with these sneakers! Since I need to stand for the whole day at work, my shoes must be very supporting. This hasn't been a problem with this pair due to the well-shaped sole. However, the best thing is definitely that with them I look sporty without even trying! ;)